You Deserve More Credit

Posted on June 13, 2011


Congratulated, you have been officially Appreciated

Your letter of Appreciation

When one thinks of sport and the pleasures that it accommodates, the instinctive reaction is to flurry under the glory of the stars. He looks at them with awe, thinking, believing that he is solely responsible for giving us the satisfaction that we all crave for. He knows that the reason he watches sport is not to have something that women are impulsively repelled to, but because his dreams, hopes and desires are represented through his favorite athlete. But, what about the others?

Allow me to begin by providing you with a hypothetical example. On a Sunday morning, when the sun is at its peak, when the birds are singing at their highest chords and when the local mother runs to the bakery to pick up the Chicken for the Roast, who is to thank? The shopkeeper, who unwillingly provides you with the change that you require? Or maybe it’s the delivery man, who continues to give people their orders that he in fact desires? Maybe the meat shop, who on a daily basis continue to slaughter animals for a substantially low pay check in order to feed his family? Or, maybe even the farmer, who keeps the Chickens not intensively farmed, yet healthy, and beautifully kept to give us the greatest possible taste that we couldn’t even contemplate?

The Farmer and Chicken

Any random civilian off the street would say that the shopkeeper is to thank at first glance, however is that really the case? Does the full credit go where it is least deserved? Of course not. This is why it is important for all of us to grasp and appreciate the work of others in our lives. The shopkeeper, the delivery man, the meat shop and most importantly, the farmer all play a significant part to get us prepared and have the most finest of Chickens to put on our tables. In the perfect world, all of this would be true. However, we all know that credit is never given to the right component in the puzzle of life. Even though this topic is revolved around sport, the concept can be appreciated by all. We all thank, give our full regards and gratitude to the people in the forefront, who simply carry out the easiest of tasks. By no means am I condemning the final part of the life chain, they too deserve the credit, but this credit is passed on too much, way too much.

How would you feel? If you played a huge significant part in someone’s glory, yet the star that shines bright is indeed not you, but the person who gains all the publicity, the grandeur and the fame whilst you sit in the background tolerantly waiting for your fair credit. Obviously, you are not in favor of this type of situation. Who would be? That is when we need to take a closer look, deeply analyze the appreciation that we impetuously hand out. The situation can easily be resembled to a parcel being handed down by each part of the chain, getting bigger and bigger in size, yet smaller and smaller with value. The end result? The last member of the chain receives the largest package, and the first, integral part of the chain becomes a mere afterthought.

Pass the Parcel, Please?

With regards to sport, well, what can we say about that? Of course, our instantaneous reaction will be to give full,  undeniable credit to the concluding part of the puzzle, but that is not right. Even though our sport stars get over $200,000 a week, earning unfathomable amounts of income for just playing football, the other parts of the parcel earn significantly lower. So, with all of this said, lets conduct a similar analysis for sport shall we?

At the end of the chain, we obviously have the glorified sport star, who earns obscene amounts of money for doing something that requires less strenuous work than a barmaid. Then, the family and friends who contributed to his success, and gave him all the motivation and determination to concur the world. Shortly after, there is the trainer, who puts himself through extreme lengths and sets his players through the paces for less. Then, the camera man who constantly delivers high-profile coverage for a lower wage slip and showcases the players true talents. Well, after this, the list continues. It’s endless and unknown, however there is one thing that we do know for certain. Who receives the greatest praise and publicity? Yep, you’re right, the player. He is the one who continuously obtains fame and glory, whilst those who contributed sit back and admire their work without all the hoo-ha.

Well, that is how the game works unfortunately. We can hope that one day the world comes to its senses and that those who deserve credit will finally get it after years of hard work and dedication, however, that is very unlikely right?

So, for all of you who are exactly like the people I mentioned, I’m rooting for you. You’re time will come, the fundamental part of your job is that you enjoy it and love it, your recognition will arrive, and then, you can rule the world.