Well, This is Embarrassing

Posted on June 16, 2011


You can't hide from humility!

What is the Karate expert’s favorite beverage? A Kara-tea! Did you laugh? No? Well then, this is embarrassing.

OK, I will begin by categorically saying that I too do not find that joke in the least bit amusing, however was used in order to get my point across. If I was in an executive meeting, surrounded by the worlds most intelligent people and was preparing for a big pitch to gain some funds for a vital project, I would not start with that line. I would never start with that line. I wouldn’t even start with that line to introduce a play to a bunch of second graders (a bit more funny that my opening joke, I hope). Why? Obvious, to prevent any forms of embarrassment or humiliation. By that I mean to stop any one uncontrollably laughing at my expense.

So, whilst you indulged in my opening paragraph, we have already discovered the most obvious of causes for this humiliation. No one wants to be laughed at or to feel the excruciating pain of listening to people condemn you for a lousy joke – yep, I’m talking to you mom. Anyway, there are many reasons that we feel embarrassed and the need to prevent such a feeling. After all, being embarrassed is just a feeling right? When your cheeks go red, when your eyes look away from the scene, when your body gets a tingly sensation similar to one of a dog licking you, (maybe that’s just me), but all of the aforementioned are aspects of human nature right? We cannot control embarrassment, if we are in a situation where we are succumbed to feeling a humility of some sort, then we cannot help being embarrassed, yes?

Why are you pointing at me?

However, what can we control? Ah, yes, the mystifying and eluding question surrounding our frailties of yielding to the vile, sadistic form of embarrassment. Maybe we don’t give into these forms, but we are all susceptible to feeling it at one stage. The common form is thinking about it. Read carefully…

Place: High School

Class: History

Activity: Miss Williams addresses the class stating there will be a class presentation and each pupil will have to come up and explain the problems of the Holocaust.

Thoughts: You look at the entire class, surrounded by a sea of ‘arhggs’ and a couple of ‘yeses!’ from the school nerds who revel in these types of situations. The teacher gives the class five minutes to think of something, and that, that is the least of your priorities. Beside you is your best friend, who too is frantically attempting to evade from the scenario that faces everyone. At the top left of the class, there are constant ramblings of ‘yeah, I took her out, gave her a bit of some’some if you get me’ from the jocks who have assembled in a little group. You look in admiration, for one day, you will be part of that illustrious group who will welcome you with open arms. Then, panic sets. You realize that the jocks and your best friend are the least important.

Reluctantly, you slowly turn your head to face the table of eternal damnation. The table, of girls. They sit there, twirling with their hairs and filing their nails, occasionally spewing loud laughs entailing some sort of gossiping. And then, to top it all off, you set your eyes upon the one girl who mesmerizes you with her first glance. The one girl that has you uncontrollably frothing at your mouth, and the most beautiful one out of the lot. Suddenly, your gaze around the class comes to an abrupt end, you now understand that you have a minimal amount of time before, THE PRESENTATION. Time’s up, it’s now or never. ”Jack”, Miss Williams calls out your name, and the attention accumulates towards your direction.

The jocks look at you almost preparing themselves to laugh at your expense with a glare suggesting you’re pathetic. Then, the glamor girls look at you, seducing and attempting to make a mockery out of you to their friends, giving you a stare that says ‘I’ll never get with you’. And then, finally, you stand up, with no preparation of what to say, however, all you want to do is make it to the front and back and speak clearly without any hiccups. Well, here goes. Oops! You fall at your first step.

Dear oh Dear

From this story, there are several forms of humiliation that you can obtain. The embarrassment of being subjugated by your apparent future group, the jocks, the class’s direction pointing towards you with laughter coursing through their bodies. And then the girls, who look at you with no hope, no possibilities of ‘hookin’ up’ or being together, and the girl that had the least bit of interest in you dissolves at your peril.

But, who needs them right? Um, you do. We all need to feel accepted by everyone and feel appreciated for something, anything. From where you aspire to be, to who you aspire to be with, to who you are currently with, embarrassment is natural human reaction, and an instinct that cannot be taken away and stays with you forever. Being humiliated takes away part of your acceptance, and excludes your possibilities of acquiring glory, such as being in the popular group. The truth is, school is not the only place to get these forms of humiliation, no, it’s everywhere, every time, and every place.

What counts is, how to deal with the embarrassment. And, this is how I will deal with my humiliation of the joke.

”I thought I was finished being uncertain, but now I’m not too sure” (A bit more funny, right?)