My name is Muzzy Daud and I am an aspiring Sports Journalist.

The reason that I have joined this site is to publish some of my writing to gain some valid experience and as a personal hobby.

My passion is sports, so the majority of the content will be based on it, however I will also blog about life in general too.

I write for a site called Bleacher Report, my account is found here

Thank you

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  1. This is an auspicious undertaking you propose as your goal in Life, Muzzy It is one. which if done with diligence, tenacity and patience will reap great rewards for You, My young Friend! You have chosen to begin in a career, which like Life itself, will prove to be Challenging, Demanding and Consistent Only in the fact, that it is ever changing!

    The greatest challenge facing you will be to keep your integrity! Many times others will try hard to persuade you with such inducements as have corrupted many a lesser individual! In order to Truly achieve your dream Never compromise your principles! Only by being true to yourself, will you be true to those, who read your work and will follow you! To them you owe your Loyalty, Honesty and Humility and in doing so they will take you to the highest heights, yes even to the Stars, mate!

    Good Luck , God Bless and God speed, My Friend !
    Regards Mike (AKA the Professor) ! ;D


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