What Is This Blog All About?

The sole reason that I wanted to create a blog is to tackle some key issues and to have some healthy comments about each post that I make.

To me, sport is a fascinating experience whether you are involved, or a spectator, which is why my blog intends to bring all kind of sport fanatics together. I will blog about the underlying issues not only in one area, however I will generalize it to capture a greater audience. This will not be about the NBA, NHL, Football or the WWE, instead, simply sports is my output.

I feel as if there are some issues in sport that are unresolved and only communicated through the media, which is why I believe that it is vital to bring the topics to life, and give you a real, trustworthy opinion about them. Posts will be updated regularly, approximately twice a week to begin with.

Although the blog started out by being all about Sports (Sports Columnist), I have decided to blog about various subjects on Life Styles and Life in General. However, the majority of posts will be based on sports.

Here at Sports and Life Style Columnist, the blog strives to ensure your read is not only enjoyable, however mesmerizing to satisfy your time. I greatly appreciate that you have taken time out of your daily schedule to view this blog, and as a result, I will only post quality content so that you are always happy.

During your stay here, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment so I can receive feedback and some constructive analysis to improve or be praised.
So, lets tackle those Big Issues!

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